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This book will be available in Canada and USA later in the year.

Why Am I Here For Kids is a new sticker book for kids to learn about Sikhi spirituality in a fun and loving way! Meet the Sangat family, the wicked witch Maya, and the five niggly monsters.

This book in the first of its kind and will be releasing closer to Vaisakhi.  Pre-order your copy today!

Watch out, watch out, wherever you are! She peeks through the window and sneaks near the door. She throws her terrible, colourful blanket onto the world! She lives in her dusty dungeon with cauldrons and cobwebs. Watch out for her cackle and the evil grin because Maaya, the wicked witch is out and about! What will happen when she sends her five niggly monsters to the Sangat’s family’s home? Why Am I Here is a fun, interactive story sticker book that explores the power of Naam and Gurbani. It’s full to the brim of interesting characters and witty humour! It’s a book that keeps you on your toes in its page-turning adventure! With brilliant, bright illustrations that will capture your child’s imagination, this sticker book is one you won’t put down! Don’t forget to complete the challenges and receive a certificate at the end of your journey!