About the book (UK, CANADA and USA ONLY)

‘Why am I here?’ This book seeks to answer this and life’s other big questions about our true identity, what drives us and what our purpose is. By delving into the Words of the True Guru, called “Gurbani” in the Sikh faith, you will gain a different perspective on life and your whole approach towards it. The Guru’s universal message centres around elevating above two significant limitations; our attachment to what we have and our unfulfilled desires for the things we don’t have. Our perceived identities and our values drive these attachments and desires. We can learn to overcome these barriers by discovering a new life that is healthy, rewarding and without limits. A selfless and grateful life in which serving the Oneness of creation while remaining connected to the Creator becomes our day-to-day practice.

Each section of the book ends with searching questions, and the book concludes with ten things that you can implement today to progress on your journey to self-realisation. With over 100 references to the Guru’s Words of wisdom, a book that will help guide your spiritual journey.

  • Each chapter ends with some soul searching questions to help you take a deep dive and reflect on your learning
  • A great book to use for group reading or book clubs
  • 10 things to change your life today! Start to accelerate your journey with ten simple steps that you can do immediately.


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About the author

Tarsem Singh is an international speaker on the Sikh faith. Having studied the teachings for over 25 years, he has delivered lectures, seminars and workshops on Sikh spirituality and concepts worldwide. A former Global Director of Software Development, he has created various innovative resources about the faith, including the world’s first online and desktop search engine for the Sikh scriptures. Further resources are available free from the Sikh History and Religious Education (SHARE) charity website