For Schools

Sikhi Basics

This infographic details the basic concepts in the Sikh Faith.  It is ideal for primary schools when teaching about faith.


The Sikh Faith for Schools

The Sikh Faith For Schools has been produced to teach the basic tenets of the Sikh faith in an easy to understand way. The video goes through who the Sikhs are and where they live. It also covers areas such as the Sikh Uniform, the 4 things a Sikh cannot do, the Sikh Gurdwara, Sikh ceremonies and goes through the basic beliefs. The format allows for teaching resources to be created that will help develop further understanding in Religious Education classes in schools and in Gurdwaras too.

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Sikhs in Great Britain

This is a video created by Share Charity to teach about who the Sikhs are and what some of their contributions to Great Britain have been. Sikhs are a very successful and integrated community in Great Britain but very little is known about them. We hope to shed more light on the basic Sikh beliefs and what makes them a unique faith. We also highlight some of the contributions to the World Wars and also some of the recent struggles facing Sikhs in Britain today.

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Learn about Vaisakhi festival and why Sikhs celebrate it every year.  Vaisakhi commemorates the inauguration of the Khalsa in the late 17th century and is commemorated by Sikhs around the world.