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Gursikh Virtues

Gursikh Virtues. Bhai Gurdas Jee describes the virtues of a Gursikh that leads them to the state of Sehaj. The video then goes into the conduct of a Gursikh and how their mother is blessed for giving birth to them. Bhai Gurdas Jee touches on the internal state of a highly spiritual person and how the nectar of Amrit flows inside the body. Part of the Smart Sikhi video series.


Love for Vaheguru

Love is the ultimate virtue that we strive for and this video goes through what love is and how we can love Vaheguru more. It also discusses how Maya distracts us from loving Vaheguru.



Death is inevitable for everyone and Guru Nanak Dev Jee’s Shabad reminds us that we will leave everything behind in this world.  During a trip to Punjab, Share Charity visited a crematorium which makes an appropriate setting for this topic.



Sehaj is the spiritual state that takes us above the illusion of Mayaa. Guru Amar Daas Jee, the third Guru of the Sikhs tells us how we get to this state by staying in the realm of the Gurus words.


Our Actions

Our actions have been leading us in the past and will lead us in our future. We are constantly creating a destiny for ourselves but the True Guru wants us to end them and realise who we are. This video goes through what that process is and how we have to end our karma to reach the destination by stopping our mind and placing it into the Guru’s Word of Gurbani.


6 Qualities of a Saintly Person

Smart Sikhi 101 – Six Qualities of a Saintly Person are stated by Guru Arjan Dev Jee, the Fifth Guru of the Sikhs. This video goes through them one by one.


Karam (Karma)

Karam Philosophy also known as Karma is the framework in which we create our destiny. A lot of which is determined through our previous lives. We have an opportunity to meet the True Guru or Satguru while alive. The Gurbani in the house of Guru Nanak destroys our Karam. This videos describes the different states of Maya and the Fourth State of Sehaj.


Naam’s Power

Naam and Vaheguru are one and this video goes through the power of Naam and how it commands us, saves us and brings the world into our control. There is also some discourse on the deeper aspects of the mind (Hirdhaa) and how Naam resides there.


Our Fields

Our field will be harvested when we go to the next world. We go through 4 phases in our lifetime. This video covers the four phases that Guru Jee describes as the one night of our life.


Amrit Vela and the 5 Evils

This video covers the importance of Amrit Vela and how we do Simran on waking. It then goes into the five evils and why they are in the body and how their misuse affects our Simran and Bhagthi.


Sikhs in Great Britain

This is a video created by Share Charity to teach about who the Sikhs are and what some of their contributions to Great Britain have been. Sikhs are a very successful and integrated community in Great Britain but very little is known about them. We hope to shed more light on the basic Sikh beliefs and what makes them a unique faith. We also highlight some of the contributions to the World Wars and also some of the recent struggles facing Sikhs in Britain today.


Opening the 10th Gate

Opening the Tenth Gate is a necessary step in Sikhi to meet Vaheguru. There are nine other gates that are visible on the body but the tenth gate is not visible. This is part of the mysticism of the body and Naam that resides in it. This video is a subtitled video of Giani Sant Singh Maskin’s description in accordance to Gurbani. It is an essential piece of video that has been subtitled in english for all to understand.


Roadblocks on the Path

Roadblocks need to be overcome when on the path of Sikhi. There are many reasons why we stop progressing. Usually, it is because we are not following Guru Jee’s message and get into bad habits. See what those bad habits are and what you need to do to get back onto the path of Charrdhee Kala. Filmed in the beautiful settings of Anandpur Sahib – the birthplace of the Sikh Panth.


Gangster Mind

Gangster Mind is dedicated to the Shaheeds of the Khalsa Panth and commemorates the 40 years of the Amritsar 1978 Massacre. How have those who sacrificed everything for the Panth controlled and given their minds to the Guru? This video goes into what Gurbani does and says about this topic.


A Sikhi Mindset

Smart Sikhi 101 – A Sikhi Mindset is driven by a desire to meet God or Vaheguru. Bhai Gurdas Jee was a scholar from Guru Arjan Dev Jee’s time and was also a relative. Bhai Gurdas Jee describes the aspects of a Gursikh’s mindset and we cover some of the aspects in this video.


Gratitude & Seva

This is a short video on having gratitude and doing more Seva. Our life is very short and it is running out. We need to do more Bhagthi and more Seva to remain spiritually, mentally and physically healthy in order to leave this world with honour and respect.


3 Wise Men

3 Gursikhs answer questions posed by the Sangat.  This video is both English and Punjabi.

Our Punjabi Videos


How To Jap Naam 24 hours a day

A very short video where some Gursikhs asked Jathedaar Bhai Raghbir Singh of Akhand Keertani Jatha UK about Naam and how to develop, Jap and protect it in our Jeevans. Bhai Sahibs answers are very direct which is the way he would answer Sikhi questions. We hope this will inspire others to Jap Naam and take their Sikhi seriously. So moving forward, we create Sat Sangat in accordance to Gurbani and Naam.


Interview with a Saint Soldier – Jathedaar Raghbir Singh (UK)

Jathedaar Raghbir Singh was a highly spiritual Gursikh from the UK who was the Jathedaar of Akhand Keertani Jatha. Bhai Sahib passed away in November 2019 and this video was an interview that took place in 2013. Bhai Sahib was known as someone who was both spiritual but also a Khalsa soldier. He was instrumental in Amrit Sanchaars and served in this Seva for 40 years.  This video goes through various topics including Anhad Shabad and Dasam Dwaar along with other parts of his Jeevan and that of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh.


Bhai Sahib Surat Singh ‘Puran Jee’ Part 2

Part two of an interview with Bhai Ravinder Singh about the life of Bhai Sahib Surat Singh ‘Puran Jee’ of Amritsar. A fascinating insight into Bhai Sahib’s life. Here we go into the life events that were so inspiring for the Sangat. A great video for anyone serious about improving their Jeevan and learning more about the Kirpa of Vaheguru on His Gursikhs.


Tribute to Master Niranjan Singh

Master Niranjan Singh came to Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in 2011 during our Inspirations programme. In this very inspiring video, Bhai Sahib talks about his life, how he came into Sikhi and how Keertan pierced his heart when he met Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh. Bhai Sahib also talks about his meeting with Bhai Fauja Singh – who was martyred in the 1978 massacre. A beautiful tribute that brings back fond memories for the Coventry Sangat of a sweet and humble Gursikh who everyone came to love dearly after his visits to the UK.


Bhai Sahib Surat Singh ‘Puran Jee’ Part 1

Part One of an interview with Bhai Ravinder Singh from Amritsar on the jeevan of Bhai Surat Singh ‘Puran Jee’. The interview is a very inspirational and informative discussion on the life of Bhai Sahib along with important teachings. Bhai Sahib was very dedicated to Amrit Vela and encouraging Sangat to come together and Jap Naam and sing Gurbani. This is a set of two videos for anybody who is serious about improving their Jeevan and understanding the Kirpa of Satguru Jee on His Gursikhs.

I am forever a sacrifice to the True Guru.

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