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Gurbani Writers and Raags

This Infographic is a fascinating visual representation of the Writers and the Raags in Guru Granth Sahib Jee.  It is a great resource for teaching about the structure of Gurbani, which Gurus, Bhagats, Poets and Sikhs wrote in which Raag and also for learning more about which Raags and variations Guru Arjan Dev Jee placed the Shabads under.



The free food that is served in every Gurdwara is called Langar.  This infographic shows the history and meaning of Langar and why it is important for Sikhs.

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Gurbani Numbering System

Gurbani has an amazing numbering system which ensures that Shabads cannot be added or removed.  This video runs through a Shabad in Dhanasri Raag and shows how the preceding Shabads make up the numbers that appear at the end of the Shabad.

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Gurbani Grammar

Gurbani has a grammar system and below are some basic lessons that show how some of the language elements come together.