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    Why Am I Here For Kids

    Why Am I Here For Kids is a new sticker book for kids to learn about Sikhi spirituality in a fun and loving way! Meet the Sangat family, the wicked witch Maya, and the five niggly monsters. Why Am I Here is a fun, interactive story sticker book that explores the power of Naam and Gurbani. It's full to the brim of interesting characters and witty humour! It’s a book that keeps you on your toes in its page-turning adventure! With brilliant, bright illustrations that will capture your child’s imagination, this sticker book is one you won't put down! Don’t forget to complete the challenges and receive a certificate at the end of your journey!
  • Chardikala is an engaging activity book designed for children to help them develop and maintain a positive mindset by learning the teachings of Gurbani. The book is created to empower children to tackle obstacles with a growth mindset and overcome fear and guilt. The book provides an in-depth understanding of the Sikh history through real-life scenarios and examples, making it a fun and informative read for children. It introduces the concept of Chardikala, a term used in Sikhi that means eternal optimism and high spirits, even in the face of adversity. Through interactive activities and thought-provoking exercises, Chardikala teaches children how to cultivate a positive mindset and maintain it in everyday life. Children will learn about different concepts in Sikhi that can help them develop resilience, perseverance, and a positive outlook. The book covers different topics such as gratitude, self-awareness, and compassion. It also provides practical tips and techniques for children to develop positive habits and outlooks. Through the book, children will learn about the importance of overcoming negative thoughts and emotions. Overall, Chardikala is a must-have activity book for children who want to develop a positive mindset and will help children to grow and thrive in all areas of their lives. Great for gifts for children's camps!
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    Share Charity is delighted to present ‘Is that Paras’ Turban?’, our new children’s book! It is the first Sikh-themed multi-sensory book aimed at educating about the significance of the turban. It gives young children early exposure to the turban and introduces them to key associated words. It also looks to embrace those children who fall in the neurodiversity category through its interactive and sensory theme. Diversity and inclusion are vitally important and the book aims to create awareness amongst children of this important article of faith which is prevalent across much of UK society. This is the first ever Sikh sensory book to be created for little hands to explore different textures and experience the book.  The importance of the sensory element is to ensure all children of different learning styles can access the learning. The book has also been endorsed by SNN (Sikh Neurodiversity Network) who have been very supportive throughout its production. The book contains two main characters Paras and Pete, who go on an adventure to find Paras’ turban. They will observe different types of head wear but in the end recognise the huge significance of the turban, the fact that it is a crown which has been gifted by the founder of the Sikh faith, Guru Nanak Dev Jee. The book contains a QR code which will connect the reader to many free resources including downloadable colouring sheets, Paras book makers, keywords, questions, signposting to links on how to tie a turban and many more… Our dream would be for the book to reach every nursery/EYFS institution in the UK, to ensure the important message about the turban is conveyed and we can collectively build tolerance, mutual respect and eradicate the early roots of discrimination.
  • The aim of this booklet is to give children useful tips on managing difficult emotions and provide strategies on how to remember Vaheguru in good and bad times. Enjoy completing the activities, reading affirmations and learning Shabads! Learn how to build a Chardi Kala mindset. Remember, you are loved, cared for and protected by Vaheguru! Let’s take small steps to feel Vaheguru around us all the time. The booklet comes with a set of crayons.
  • A box of 36 double sided cards for children aged 3 – 12 that help create and maintain positive thought patterns in our children while reinforcing Sikhi values. Creating positive thought patterns from an early age is imperative in order to maintain a Chardi Kala mindset.  
  • The Sikhi Colouring Book is a very popular book that children can use to learn lots about Sikhi and have fun colouring in pictures and playing games along the way.  The activity book includes free colouring pencils! Over 40 pages of activities to learn about Sikhi with fun, interactive games and quizzes. SHARE Charity UK created this FIRST of it's kind activity book in 2008 and paved the way for many others to come! This is the 2nd edition of this activity book.
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