I AM KHALSA Affirmation Cards – For Little Learners


A box of 36 double sided cards for children aged 3 – 12 that help create and maintain positive thought patterns in our children while reinforcing Sikhi values. Creating positive thought patterns from an early age is imperative in order to maintain a Chardi Kala mindset.



The first ever affirmation cards with a theme focussed on the Sikh way of life.

These cards encourage a Chardi Kala mindset within your children during their early years while building their confidence and love for their true identity.

With bullying and social media pressures on the rise, these affirmation cards have been created for your little learners to practice daily repetition of positive thoughts while reinforcing Sikh values.

These 36 double sided affirmation cards come in a magnetic box featuring beautiful illustrations with explanations on the reverse.

An affirmation is a statement said with confidence and believed to be true. Each affirmation begins to form part of your child’s subconscious belief system by regularly repeating it out loud. Repetition is key to their success.

Enjoy using this fun yet powerful tool to empower your children with the Khalsa spirit.

Suitable for ages 3-12 years.



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