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    Share Charity is delighted to present ‘Is that Paras’ Kara?’, our new children’s book! This is a sensory book for all children to access the content including neurodivergent individuals. Touch and feel books are picture books which contain different fabrics and textures. Your child can listen to the story and explore the different textures at the same time. Our sensory books are very much aimed at the mainstream and creates a starting point for discussions for all EYFS/ learning practitioners/teachers. The book contains two main characters Paras and Pete, who go on an adventure to find Paras’ Kara (Sikh bangle). They will observe different types of wrist wear but in the end recognise the huge significance of the Sikh Kara, the fact that it is not an item of jewellery but has been gifted to Paras by the Guru of his Sikh faith. This is one of the first EYFS books with Sikh representation which will allow children to relate to the characters and follow a journey of discovery. The book comes with an accompanied lesson plan and a comprehensive bank of resources (accessible via the QR code on the back). This is the second book from the ‘Paras and Pete adventures series’… look out for more books coming soon!
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    Why Am I Here For Kids is a new sticker book for kids to learn about Sikhi spirituality in a fun and loving way! Meet the Sangat family, the wicked witch Maya, and the five niggly monsters. Why Am I Here is a fun, interactive story sticker book that explores the power of Naam and Gurbani. It's full to the brim of interesting characters and witty humour! It’s a book that keeps you on your toes in its page-turning adventure! With brilliant, bright illustrations that will capture your child’s imagination, this sticker book is one you won't put down! Don’t forget to complete the challenges and receive a certificate at the end of your journey!
  • A box of 36 double sided cards for children aged 3 – 12 that help create and maintain positive thought patterns in our children while reinforcing Sikhi values. Creating positive thought patterns from an early age is imperative in order to maintain a Chardi Kala mindset.  
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