• Why Am I Here?

    ‘Why am I here?’ This book seeks to answer this and life’s other big questions about our true identity, what drives us and what our purpose is. By delving into the Words of the True Guru, called “Gurbani” in the Sikh faith, you will gain a different perspective on life and your whole approach towards it. The Guru’s universal message centres around elevating above two significant limitations; our attachment to what we have and our unfulfilled desires for the things we don’t have. Our perceived identities and our values drive these attachments and desires. We can learn to overcome these barriers by discovering a new life that is healthy, rewarding and without limits. A selfless and grateful life in which serving the Oneness of creation while remaining connected to the Creator becomes our day-to-day practice.
  • The Sikhi Marriage Handbook

    The Sikhi Marriage Handbook is written to help those interested in a Sikh marriage to understand the unique aspects of the Anand Karaj – the ceremony of spiritual bliss. In the Sikh faith, marriage is more than a partnership between two individuals. It is the pathway to God, and the Anand Karaj reveals how the merger with God occurs in four unique stages, called the Laavan. You will learn about the meaning of the Anand Karaj, how the ceremony is carried out and what to expect. The thought of getting married can be quite daunting, so the book helps you gain self knowledge and discover the skills that are vital for a healthy relationship but may never have been taught in childhood. It then moves on to finding the right partner and laying a healthy foundation in the first year, which is probably the most challenging. Finally, you will get an understanding of what is not acceptable in a marriage and what you can do if things start to go wrong. This is a must-read guide for getting married or for anyone wanting to improve their relationship through better communication, personal growth and Sikhi virtues.
  • "My Little Book of Spiritual Wisdom" is a valuable and timely resource for spiritual seekers, as it presents fundamental concepts of the Sikh faith in an accessible, thought-provoking, and question-and-answer format. Each chapter covers a deep and universal concern, such as the nature of the divine, the role of the self, and the purpose of life, providing spiritual truths drawn from the rich heritage of the Sikh tradition. With over 60 concepts covered, accompanied by quotations from Gurus and Bhagats (Saints), the book offers a diverse range of perspectives on each topic. Designed for independent reading, it is a valuable companion for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the spiritual journey and navigate its complex terrain.
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