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    Celebrating Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurpurab we can bring to you… the Kara sweatband !
    Is that Paras’ Kara? The multi sensory NEW book comes with an additional accessory - Paras & Pete sweatband, to ensure Sikh children do NOT remove the Kara at school (during PE) and co ver it with a sweatband to ensure safety.
    The Kara (Sikh iron bangle) is an important article of faith which is compulsory for all Sikhs to wear.  It forms part of the 5 K’s uniform adorned by initiated Sikhs.  The represents a Sikhs connection to God and their adherence to their religious principles.
    It is also a symbolic representation that God has no beginning and no end.  The Kara reminds a Sikh that their hands are there to do good, honest and righteous work, helping others in need and making the world a better place.
  • Perfect for your little ones, these Bandi Chhor Cards have a lovely vibrant image with the characters from the sticker storybook, Why Am I Here for Kids! Each card has a small activity to get your children involved in teaching their friends and family about Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. Add your message and decorate your envelope with stickers.
  • Perfect for your little ones! This pack includes 5 Gurpurab cards (includes a small activity), 5 envelopes and 5 stickers.
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