Our Mission

SHARE Charity is working to bring positive change to the world.  Our team consists of experienced Sikhs who have a common goal to help as many people as possible by pushing a common vision.  This requires dedication, commitment and time which all of our team gives in abundance!

The team are all working professionals who give up their personal time to try and make this dream come true.  We are all thankful to Vaheguru for giving us this amazing opportunity to do Seva!

Our  Team

BALJIT SINGHChief Executive Officer (CEO)
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NAVRUP KAURChildren's Books and Projects Leader
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RAMAN SINGHEnlightenment Course Leader
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GURPREET SINGHHead of Social Media & Marketing
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TARNJIT SINGHHead of Media Production & Distribution
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JASPAL SINGHHead of Secondary Education
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I love doing Seva for the children as I know it will make a huge difference in their lives. Sikhi is so beautiful and needs to be shared!

Navrup Kaur, Head of Children's Learning

Getting into Sikhi and doing what is right isn’t always easy. But we have a duty to ensure that we do the most that we can so the future generations can reap the benefits of the Seva that is being done for them.

Tarnjit Singh, Head of Media

You know that you are doing something right when Sikhs come up to you and say, “You changed my life!”.

Baljit Singh, Chief Executive Officer

Get Involved

If you have a skill that you feel could help the charity, please get in touch using the email link below.  We would love to hear from you and we can point you to the right team member to get you involved.