The creation of SikhiToTheMax was an initiative designed to take Guru Granth Sahib Jee, the Sikh teachings, to the masses. It was executed with the support of many stakeholders, with the process of translation into English and Spanish taking several years.

The second stage of the initiative was to ensure that SikhiToTheMax was received and used by as many Sikhs and Sikh institutions across the globe. Sikhs around the world supported institutions with purchasing display devices such as laptops, projectors etc. As a result, SikhiToTheMax is now a common sight in Gurdwarae (Sikh places of worship) across the world including Sri Harmandar Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple, in Punjab, India, which for Sikhs is the most significant Gurdwara on the planet.

We are currently developing SikhiToTheMax3 in  partnership with Khalis. It will feature many exciting new features, as part of it’s evolution, every time a new update goes live! The current Release Candidate & future builds can be downloaded from here.

Share Charity is also now working on the development of the mobile application for release in October 2017.

SikhiToTheMAX 3 Project