Women In Sikh History

Women in Sikh History is the 1st available of the SakhiTime Series of booksets.

This set comprises 6 beautifully illustrated, hardback, child-friendly books based upon the lives of inspirational women throughout Sikh history. The books are written in English & are suitable for boys & girls, aged 5 upwards.

The objective of these ‘Sakhi’ books (true stories) is to enable young people, especially young girls, to connect with role models from Sikh history who have shaped the Sikh spiritual tradition through their positive virtues & actions.

Here’s the Mata Bhaag Kaur book cover. Mata Jee was was also known as Mai Bhago. She is notable for her steely courage, pure determination & utter loyalty to Guru Gobind Singh Jee. Mata Jee famously led 40 male Sikh soldiers into battle, all of whom had previously deserted Guru Gobind Singh Jee due to the extreme hardships they faced fighting for him.

The arena she entered was the bloody battle of Mukhtsar, fought against the Mughals on 29th December, 1705. Having galvanised the 40 she went on to kill several enemy soldiers on the battlefield, emerging as the sole survivor. She is regarded as an exemplary Saint Soldier by the Sikhs.

We are currently looking at translating the whole bookset into other languages including Spanish, German, Polish, Punjabi & Hindi. Please do get in touch if you are able to help.


Mata Bhaag Kaur